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Absolutely amazing!

I hate this lmao

Why is this rated so low? This is amazing

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I love this game

I really like how the moving and shooting feels, but the character has a really slow turnaround, so whenever I got stuck in a tight place, I would get everwhelmed with the crabs, who don't seem to have any knockback, even though the character has a pretty significant recoil. The shadings are nice, but I don't like how the camera shakes, it makes me a little dizzy. The music is also good, but gets a little repetitive on loop. Also for a game where the character has a literal gun, it kinda felt like jumping over enemies in some parts was a better choice than using said gun. I feel like this game has potential though.

The music and sounds are great! I especially like how the punching sounds. The graphics are also pretty. On level 1, I could OHKO the zombies, so they felt kinda pointless. But after playing the second level, I realised they were probably in the first level as a tutorial enemy, since on level 2, the graveyard provided a nice timing challenge. I did discover a bug though. If you follow the zombie all the way through the graveyard, it prevents the other zombies from spawning. Also, what's up with the horse? You can't kill it (so what's the point of having weapons) and I couldn't jump over them without avoiding damage. Also, the cliffs were misleading because the background texture made it look like there wasn't a gap on the floor.

It certaily has Castlevania vibes, however it does kinda suffer from the same fate, as the walking speed is really slow. The character controls great, but the jump feels kinda long, like being on the moon. Because of this, the spikes challenge on level 1 felt pretty frustrating. Its overall a good game though, good job!

Harlemblack responds:

Thank you for the review! It isn't bug. It is intended by design. On the horse statues, just punch them in the face, haha. Yea my pixel art skill still needs more refinement. It's too bad that you are uncomfortable with the character's movement mechanism, since it is good enough for this type of game which does not emphasize too much on platform challenges, imo. Cheers!

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The intro hits really hard!

The groove in this song hits hard. Nice!

Droplifter responds:

OMG I honestly can't believe I've had such a fantastic response, from yourself, and from everyone who listened and/or voted.

I really, really appreciate the kind words. It really means a lot to me, I've uploaded in the past (even here), but would always get quite a bit of 0/5 ratings etc.

Have a fantastic day; you've absolutely made mine.

The melody is just beautiful. It reminds me a little of the Mother series.

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Very nice!


love it

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